The first step is acceptance

Posted by Steve

Well, this still sucks.

A week and a half later, and this still really sucks. I didn’t fall into a deep depression or anything, but it wasn’t good. I didn’t know what it felt like for the Brewers to lose after getting that far. It really is terrible.

I will say, once you get past the first round, the games don’t even feel like baseball anymore to me. So much rides on each inning. Decisions are incredibly important. Starting pitchers have the shortest hook imaginable. Watching isn’t even all that enjoyable. Even when the Brewers were leading games, I was sick with the thought of how they would hold the lead. “Oh God, K-Rod’s coming in against the heart of their order. Here comes a half hour of torture.”

I asked my friend who’s a Yankee fan how he deals with so much playoff baseball. His answer? “Jack Daniels.” Mm-kay then.

I will also say that I was right. Not that it’s any consolation at all, but I was right. I was extremely annoyed when the Cardinals snuck into the playoffs. I didn’t want them there from the start. I was right in rooting for the Phillies in the first round. Not because the Cardinals are a better team than Philly; they aren’t. But because I just had a terrible feeling about facing St. Louis, and because I knew losing to them would be the worst way imaginable to lose. And it was.

A few times since the loss, I’ve found myself falling back into ‘next year’ mode, like I always do after a season ends. ‘Well, Prince is gone, but it gives them a good chance to improve shortstop and the infield defense as a whole, and… Aw, Christ.”

I’m just not ready for that. I have all off-season to do stuff like that, and rumor has it Dan has a ‘Life after Prince’ post locked and loaded. I’ll let him go ahead. I’m just too bummed out by this season to do that right now. If I start, I just think things like, “What’s the point, when even if you get that far again, you have a manager that is so overmatched that you hardly have a chance?” or “Their starting rotation was abnormally healthy all year; they’ll never have a staff that good again.” So yeah, if I’m still thinking that way, I think I need more time.

I have hardly even watched any of the World Series. I’d guess I’ve seen about three innings total. Don’t get me wrong; I hope Cardinals lose. But it’s not like there will be anything close to happiness over it. On the other hand, I’ve heard people say it makes the Brewers look better if the Cardinals win, but does it even? Nobody really remembers who lost in the NLCS unless Steve Bartman roots for your team.

I’d like to add one more thing. I’m not sure if this is supposed to make us feel better or worse about the Brewers, but… Remember the Chris Carpenter/Nyjer Morgan event, when Morgan got fricasseed by the media, only to hear Carpenter later admit that he swore at Morgan first but still completely ignore it? Or last year, when Carpenter got angry at Carlos Lee for slamming his bat after a pop-up? I’d like to add this little goody to his collection. In case you missed this last night, Carpenter got Mike Napoli on a deep flyout to end the sixth inning last night. Carpenter then found it appropriate to yell this to Napali. Keep in mind, this was about a 400 foot flyout.

In case you’d like it in GIF form


The Classy Cardinals back at it again. What fabulous karma that Napoli is the guy who ended up getting the game-winning hit.

Again, though, I won’t get too much enjoyment if the Cards lose the series. I just figured it’s been long enough, so I might as well post something.

This sucks.



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