Why not?

Posted by Steve

Well, this hasn’t gone well.

Since I last posted, things couldn’t have gone much worse baseball-wise. Satan held up his end of the bargain with Tony La Russa and David Freese, and the Cardinals finished off the Rangers for the World Series.

Then, TLR retired (some people were excited about this, but now the Brewers will never get to beat him).

Shortly after, the Cubs hired Theo Epstein away from the Red Sox.

And you just know the Cardinals are going to hire Terry Francona, one of the few good managers in baseball.

I couldn’t even get excited about the Brewers declining Yuniesky Betancourt’s option, because they’re apparently considering bringing him back at a lower price.

No, there isn’t much to feel good about right now on the baseball front.

I am amused by something though. All of a sudden, the hottest commodity for teams looking a new manager is…

Dale Sveum?

Really. He wasn’t good in his brief stint with the Brewers in 2008, but apparently that’s no matter. He becomes hitting coach for a team with some good hitters, and now all of a sudden he’s a hot commodity? For the Red Sox and Cubs?

Whatever. I hope he goes to the Cubs, because I’d like to see them bunt all the time, but considering the way things have been going, it will probably be Boston.


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