Spring Cleaning

Posted by Steve

As Spring Training gets underway, we’re finally getting a numbers of storylines worth discussing. I’ll be hitting those this week, but before getting into that, I’m working on a bit of housecleaning on the blog.

I’ve added three new blogs to the Blogroll, a new partner, and a couple other features.

First is Disciples of Uecker, a new site with multiple contributors. It’s run by Jim Breen, who you may remember as the guy who broke the story of the Zack Greinke trade last year. He’s also a writer at Fangraphs. It’s a very thorough site with an affinity toward sabermetrics.

Next is The Brewers Bar. It is similar to Disciples of Uecker in that it features multiple writers. It’s one of the oldest Brewer blogs running, as it’s been around since 2006.

There’s Ron Roenicke Stole My Baseball. They like to go all “FJM” on bad writers, which I am always on board with.

Finally, we have Miller Park Drunk. With the Brewers’ relative success in the last five or so years, we’ve seen a big increase in Brewers blogs. While many of them are of high quality, it can be difficult at times to find big differences between some of them. That’s not the case with Miller Park Drunk. In the blogroll, I described it as what would happen if TMZ and Deadspin had a baby who liked the Brewers. For example, they just finished an entertaining “Fashion Week.” And no, it’s NSFW.

And finally, I have decided to take the plunge. Keep Turnin’ Up the Heat is trying its hand at twitter. I considered doing this about a year ago, and now that I see that anyone with a blog seems to be on twitter, I decided to finally join the 20teens.

I have no idea how this will go, but I can give you a few things. If you decide to follow us on twitter, you won’t be bombarded with 40 tweets a day (I have actually never tweeted in my life, and really have no idea how it works as of right now). It will also stick pretty much to baseball. There won’t be political tweets, overly personal tweets, or pictures of babies/animals/food. It will be a way to share an interesting article or a singular thought that wouldn’t warrant a full post. Think of a tweet as one thought in a thought cornucopia.

So, yeah.


2 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. #idontunderstandsocialmediaanymore

  2. Yeah, I’m already drowning in my confusion.

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