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Posted by Steve

I realize I’m probably posting too much here, but I thought this tidbit was too good to just add in as an edit to the last post. This is a report of what Dan Patrick said this morning on his radio show.

“According to Dan Patrick, the collector bypassed 2 open Fed Ex and then went to a 3rd and it was closed. So he went back and stored it. He is a Cubs fan, and during the appeal proccess they asked him to state his name, and it took 37 seconds for him to respond. They asked him to identify Braun, and couldn’t look at him. Braun also passed a lie-dector test.”

Whaaa? This is just getting better and better! If this crap is true, there should be absolutely no doubt anymore. And if it’s true, I can see why Braun would be getting ready to sue the bejesus out of this guy and anyone else he could.


5 responses to “Another tidbit

  1. And as our friend, Wayne Larrivee likes to say, annndddd THERE IS YOUR NOT GUILTY DAGGER!!!

  2. Let me get this Braun verdict correct…..

    1. We have a positive test on Braun for first week of October. Inside reports show that Braun was caught off guard by the post-season testing and was shocked when they tested before the playoffs vs at the end. He knew he was guilty and then had to try to “O.J himself out of it. Slimey lawyers.

    2. Now for the forensic/science portion of the argument. The testing was for digested substance. In layman terms it would be impossible to spike the sample.
    The vial did not have his name on it. It is coded, and only the testing agency would be privied to the identity of the vial. The delivery boy/”Brewer hater?
    would have not clue to whose sample was whose. Nice try ‘blue crew. He is a cheater true and blue. He knew he was busted early in the playoffs. Notice how he dropped off, “choked early in the Cardinal series. He knew he was busted.
    3. Mr. Braun the truth lays with the Cardinals who did it clean and legal. Albert Pujoles is the most tested man in baseball and has been clean everytime.

  3. I’ll address each of your points one-by-one, because you don’t have your facts straight.

    1. To what “inside reports” are you referring? And what leads you to say he knew he was guilty?

    2. How does the fact that it was a digested substance mean it couldn’t be tampered with? I’m not following. And no, the vial did not have his name on it, but you’re misinformed about the carrier. The carrier is the only person who actually knows whose sample it is. This is why it is stressed that this person must get the vial to a FedEx as soon as possible–because once it reaches that point, it is no longer known by anyone who the sample belongs to.

    Instead, this carrier, who knew it was Braun’s sample, kept it with him the whole weekend. As Braun laid out in his presser, the guy left with the sample at 4:30 on Friday, failed to turn it in to any number of FedEx stations that are open until 9:00 and another that’s open 24 hours, and then didn’t turn it in until 1:30 in the afternoon on Monday. This guy knew it was Braun’s sample. Who else did he tell? Did he do anything to it? There’s no way of knowing any of this.

    3. Yeah, because Tony La Russa has never been associated with PEDs in his career. And Pujols isn’t the most tested person in baseball. Testing is random and players aren’t targeted to be tested any more than any other.

  4. Congrats, Steve, you’ve officially reached the point with BBKTUTH that opposing teams’ fans have come to your blog if only to instigate fights. You’ve truly made it, savor this moment.

  5. Thank you sir. It feels good. And congrats to you, as I just saw that you just broke a tie for first place for most comments on the blog.

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