Zack Greinke: Blunt talent evaluator

Posted by Steve

I’m taking a break from the Ryan Braun stuff, mainly because it’s been exhausted by blogs, national writers, etc., and I just don’t really think there’s anything left to say that hasn’t been said a hundred times elsewhere.

Again I read a small piece about Zack Greinke, and again I laughed. Here’s a post about Greinke that’s actually interesting: he’s showing a knack for evaluating amateur pitchers.

And of course, no Greinke story would be complete without a brutally honest quote.

“It’s just more fun for me. It’s not anything taken too seriously at the moment. I liked a lot of guys in last year’s draft but the absolute amazing ones all got drafted before we got a chance.”

Uh, Zach…. You realize Taylor Jungmann and Jed Bradley, both players the Brewers selected in the top 15 last year, are in big league camp?


One response to “Zack Greinke: Blunt talent evaluator

  1. Ha that’s great. I picture him interacting with young pictures as, “Listen, kid, you’re really bad, let me show you how to be awesome.”

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