Tidbit #2

Posted by Steve

So much for the break from Ryan Braun stuff. This tidbit isn’t really much of a tidbit after all: it potentially could make Braun’s entire case. Yet, somehow, nobody is talking about it. Will Carroll, formerly of Baseball Prospectus and now of Sports Illustrated, is considered a doping expert and has published a book on the topic. He has been talking all weekend about his piece with info that nobody wanted to host. Apparently it was too similar to the one SI already had? Except for the fact it had info nobody else’s did, so I don’t really understand.

Anyway, Carroll decided to put his article on Amazon for 99 cents. Rather than link to that, I want to share an article that discusses Carroll’s info. It links to the Amazon article if you are so interested in splurging.

The author, Chad Moriyama, is a Dodgers blogger–something I found a bit interesting, because many Dodgers fans were calling for the MVP to go to Matt Kemp after this Braun story broke (Kemp should have won the MVP in the first place anyway, but that’s beside the point). Anyway, he’s very objective in this piece, and most of his commenters seem to be as well.

He also attacks the “technicality” angle, correctly pointing out that chain of custody is part of the science. And he highlights the new info that we’ve only seen from Carroll: Braun’s defense team was able to replicate the positive test in a new sample by following the same procedure as Braun’s handler.

This is again, a piece of evidence that should exonerate Braun, yet no national media member has run with this. ESPN sure as hell hasn’t. All the national polls at web sites show that the majority of people believe Braun is guilty, yet this hasn’t been widely reported? Asinine. People aren’t hearing the entire story.

Of course, there’s no total proof that Braun is innocent, but you cannot say there is for any other MLB player, either. All the facts that have come in over the last 4-5 days show that there is no logical way to assuredly proclaim Braun’s guilt, and that anyone doing so is ignoring evidence.



2 responses to “Tidbit #2

  1. I can’t imagine many sports channels picking this up after spending three months throwing him under the bus. ESPN already did their good deed for the year for firing that dude who biffed the Jeremy Linn headline.

  2. Interesting read, also not sure why this has not gotten more attention from the media. I’m going to play a bit of devil’s advocate here. As a Brewers fan, we’ve got to separate the heart from the mind on this one. I think this whole thing basically boils down to “we don’t know”. There is no way to definitively claim Braun’s innocence or guilt with what is publicly known. The article that you site here says one thing, while a new article in the JS uses an expert to say that the testosterone levels could not have gotten that high over that amount of time through degradation. So those are conflicting reports. The same goes for the courier. I have heard that he is a Cubs fan, but also that he is a well-respected trainer, and pillar of his community. I don’t know what to believe anymore. There seems to be a spin on everything. All we know is that the synthetic T got in his system somehow, and that info was leaked. As with most stories like this, I think time will tell how it affects his legacy. I hope we can look back at this as a blip on the radar screen of his career, and not the defining moment.

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