Stop with the “retaliation”

Posted by Steve

I don’t listen a ton of sports radio, but I like to listen to post game shows when I’m leaving Miller Park sometimes. Last night, one of the hot topics was Rickie Weeks getting hit by a pitch, and how the Brewers need to “retaliate.” Ugh. It’s so stupid, and a thing of the past, and I hate when the Brewers get caught up in it. A few years ago, Ned Yost got roped into this by Tony La Russa and got absolutely schooled into putting a winning run on base.

So sure enough, the Brewers retaliated today by hitting Chris Snyder (who said he thought Gamel should have slid the other day instead of lowering his shoulder at the plate). Snyder led off the second inning, and of course he came around to score–along with two other Astros that inning.

So are we happy now? Are we retaliating at the expense of runs? At the expense of wins? Chris Snyder is not a good hitter. Putting him on base to lead off an inning is simply stupid. It led to a big inning, and pitching to him may have entirely changed the course of the inning.

It’s not 1950 anymore. Players don’t smoke in the dugout or openly take greenies. They don’t pitch 300+ innings a year. The game has changed. Players don’t even really dislike players on other teams, or at least not nearly as much since free agency has existed. Why are we still living in the past with this issue when a baserunner can make all the difference in a game?

You know what the best retaliation would have been? Sweeping the Astros out of town. Instead, they put a guy on base and led to a three-run inning in which the Brewers lost by two runs.


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