Something’s amiss

Posted by Steve

Something odd is going on with the Brewers and Zack Greinke. This morning, reports broke that Greinke is scratched from his next start. The Brewers are claiming Greinke is not injured, and that he has not been traded. The quote flying around the internet is he’s “recharging his batteries.”


I call BS. All we’ve heard from the Brewers recently is how important this nine-game stretch is. “It’s against the three teams ahead of us! We can make up ground! We’re not selling until we see how these nine games go!” Then, out of the blue, they decide to just give Greinke some extra rest right in the middle of that stretch. I don’t think so. He’s got arm fatigue, or something else is wrong is more likely. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense. If they’re pushing him back a day or two so he starts against the Reds, I’ll stop worrying, but if he doesn’t pitch in that series either, it’s a huge red flag.

This can only hurt his trade value. Teams are going to suspect something is wrong, as they should. We’re going to hopefully find out more this evening, but right now I’m trying to convince myself the baseball gods don’t hate the Brewers by not only striking them down with injuries that ruined their chance of competing, but also took out their two biggest trade chips with injuries right at the deadline.

I was going to write about something else today: MLB’s inaugural “Competitive Balance Lottery.” Everything you need to know about it is right here, so I’ll save the time of typing out the description–just give that a read.

This seems pretty fascinating, actually. The Brewers have the highest chance of being the one team that doesn’t receive a pick, but the odds are still likely that they will get one. I will be interested in seeing how this affects the trade deadline, since these picks can only be traded up until that point. I was also going to speculate on how this could play into a potential return for a Greinke deal, but after this morning’s news, I’ll just go punch some stuff instead.


2 responses to “Something’s amiss

  1. As soon as you posted this, almost a week ago, the title, “Something’s Amiss” stuck in my head for some reason. About a day later I knew that it was a song lyric but I couldn’t figure out what it was. For the better part of five days I turned it over and over in my head, trying to figure out whatever the hell it was my brain was driving me insane for. Finally this morning while running it hit me like a ton of bricks: Hook by Blues Traveler. The line is actually, “There is something amiss, I am being insincere. In fact I don’t mean any of this, still my confession draws you near.” It felt so good to figure it out, like when you have water stuck in your hear and you finally get it out. Plus it’s an awesome song. So in conclusion I think the Brewers have to move Greinke while they still can and also also one of their three catchers.

  2. This is awesome.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if Kottaras is dealt.

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