The Brewers are just trolling us now.

Posted by Steve

I got out of work today and checked my phone for the first time in several hours. ‘Hmm, that’s an alarming number of text messages and emails… I wonder whatsohmygod no. Ooohh, no way…. OHMYGOD OOHHHH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOO!’

Yuniesky Betancourt. I can’t even type it without getting flashbacks. Yuni  is back. On a Major League contract, when he was just released from a minor league contract. Why. Whyyy.

I honestly don’t think I can stomach another year of watching him. He’s a backup, sure. But what if Segura gets out to a slow start? You think Runnin’ Ron won’t start playing Yuni more?

Was it really just two days ago that I was fully at peace with the Brewers likely missing the playoffs? Now I just spent my ride home alternating between bouts of nausea and actual, out-loud-by-myself laughter. Two days ago that I was, more than anything, just looking forward to Brewers baseball again? What the hell happened to Doug Melvin? Can any of this actually be happening?

Honestly, Doug Melvin has to just be trolling us at this point. There is no other explanation.



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