About B!B!K.T.U.T.H!

My name is Steve. I’m a senior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I created this blog as an assignment for a Publications Production class, so this is all new to me. I’m a die-hard Milwaukee Brewers fan, so the only thing I could think to blog about was the Crew. After debating tirelessly for about 45 minutes, I decided to name my blog after everyone’s favorite Brewers jingle. The name’s a little long, but it seemed appropriate. I’ll try to keep this up and running for the semester, and we’ll see what happens from there. In the mean time, bear with me. I’m learning as I go. Thanks for stopping by!

This was the original description of this blog when it was formed in January of 2007. At the time, its lone URL was stevealtstadt.wordpress.com and it received 64 hits for the entire month. It turns out I enjoyed doing it, so here we are.

In April of 2007, Dan joined as an author, and shortly thereafter danandsteve.com was born. Dan occasionally posts, but seems to have settled in as “Commenter in Chief,” which is just fine.

Since then, we’ve experienced a few small “breakthroughs.” Due to my unemployment last year, my semi-detailed MLB 2007 draft coverage just about tripled our total hits. Dan got us mentioned on the radio in Madison. This recent Ryan Braun take was called the dumbest thing a SportsBubbler blogger has ever read, which, ironically, sent us a nice amount of new readers. Finally, the CC Sabathia trade set our single-day record for hits.

Not too exciting, but considering I started this to try to get an A in Publications Production a couple years ago, I’ll take it. It looks like I’ve “made it through the semester,” so I’ll be keeping this bad boy going. If you like this site, tell your friends. Finally, feel free to send us emails or leave comments. We always welcome a good discussion. Thanks for reading.

13 responses to “About B!B!K.T.U.T.H!

  1. I’m just writing to say that this is the first, only and most awful blog I’ve seen in my life. Still, it may be the most interesting and best blog I’ve seen in my life.

    Now that that’s out of the way I do have a relevant question: Is Charlie Villanueva going be part of the starting rotation this coming season?

  2. Isn’t it Carlos Villanueva?

  3. No, I was clearly asking about the Bucks.

  4. Also though… Is Carlos Villanueva going to be part of the starting rotation this coming season?

  5. Edit: Crap. Glenn beat me to the punch on the Charlie/Carlos thing.

    Welcome Adam Grayson. I’d like to say that it’s a long shot for Charlie Villanueva to make the starting rotation, as he’ll be traveling with the Milwaukee Bucks for a good portion of the Brewers’ season.

    I’m assuming you’re referring to Carlos Villanueva, the young right-hander who impressed in his stint with the Brewers last season. At this point, it seems like Villanueva is on the outside looking in at the starting rotation. I am hoping he gets a chance to compete for the fifth spot this spring, but it appears he’ll start the year as the long-reliever in the bullpen.

    Stay tuned in the coming weeks, where I’m sure to have something on the Brewers’ starting rotation- which incidentally looks very strong this season.

  6. So this is awesome. I honestly can’t wait to read more because today I was reading about the Brewers and there was about 1000 things I have missed. Sweet.

  7. This blog is the greatest blog I’ve ever seen. The information was in depth and had that “in your face” texture to it. I agree with most of your comments, on my board, i rate prince fielder as follows: 8 power, 6 speed, 7 contact (middle range, average “thing”) 8 defense, 9 arm, 7 awareness.

  8. Brett, I think 8 defense and 9 arm are pretty generous, don’t you?

  9. I think this is a good thing. However, I would like to point out that I did hit a massive bomb off of Glenn Alstadt when I was 12 years old. Actually, I don’t think it has landed yet. Wait…No, it just landed.

  10. the only problem with this blog is that there is no basil ryan reference

  11. You’re right.


  12. I hope the crew calls up “Mad-Dog” Tom Lewandowski September 1.

  13. Anyone ever see/play a game of Cricket?

    Basically, Cricket is the evolutionary bridge between Stoning and Baseball.

    God Bless America!!!

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