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Free Rickie Weeks, one last time.

Posted by Steve

The Brewers continue to get strong starting pitching, but they are really starting to feel the loss of Ryan Braun from the lineup. A look at the main contributors (sans Braun):

Gomez: .280/.338/.538

Gennett: .265/.299/..373

Lucroy: .312/.380/.440

Ramirez: .248/.311/..376

Segura: .240/.269/.327

Khris Davis: .239/.265/.434

Mark Reynolds: .229/.301/.518

Lyle Overbay: .236/.333/.327

Not pretty. The only hitter outperforming expectations is Lucroy. Everyone else is either at or below what was projected, and most are below. Braun may still be out a few weeks yet, and the Brewers can’t afford this type of offensive output the rest of his DL stint. Ron Roenicke doesn’t have many options, but there is one that he really hasn’t explored: Rickie Weeks.

Yes, Weeks has looked largely terrible this year, and his (very small sample of) numbers reflect that. At the beginning of the season, that wasn’t a problem. Gennett was playing well, and the Brewers were scoring runs and winning games. Now, along with the entire offense, Gennett has really cooled down to the point that his OBP is under .300. Say what you want about Rickie Weeks, but even when he struggled, his OBP was never that low–usually it was much higher. I realize it is low right now, but that’s in a completely sporadic 33 plate appearances, or roughly the same amount as a 4th outfielder who’s been on the DL and somebody named Elian Herrera.

I’m not saying Weeks is a clear answer, or that he needs to take the starting job back. What I am saying is it makes zero sense to continue using him in this capacity. He is taking up a valuable roster spot and isn’t even asked to contribute, all while making $10 million. They either have to trade him or find out if he can contribute anything. If not, they need to cut him. Since no team is likely to trade for him when he hasn’t even played yet, this seems like a great time to find out. Play him at second base, or even in a corner outfield, but just play him regularly for the next week or two. It’s not like he’ll be worse than the people they currently have in those positions.

At worst, he’s bad, but then they know they can cut him and free up a roster spot. At best, he starts playing better, helps the team while Braun is out, and either finds a role on the team this season or builds some trade value.

Everything’s turning up Brewers!

Posted by Steve

Credit to TooLiveBrew of Brewerfan, who crafted this beauty after a poster said, "Stay healthy, my friend."

Man oh man oh man oh man. Did the Brewer have themselves an off-season, or did the Brewers have themselves an off-season? Just when it seemed like Rickie Weeks might not reach an agreement, the Brewers manage to sign him to a great bargain contract. The Brewers have all their core players aside from Prince Fielder locked up for at least two years. Braun, Gallardo, and now Weeks are under contract long-term for a low enough total that the team isn’t strapped from making more moves, and now DreamRickie will haunt my dreams for at least another four years. To top it off, The Greatest Fans in the World are freaking out today after Pujols’ self-proclaimed deadline came and went without a new contract. What a beautiful day.

I’ve been over this several times, so I’ll keep it brief, but getting this done was imperative. Weeks was the Brewers’ best player last season, and for despite all the hullabaloo over Prince Fielder’s contract, Weeks’ extension was more important. He’s a top 5 player at a premium position, and much harder to replace than Fielder. Entering the season without a Weeks extension would put a damper on what has been a great off-season for Doug Melvin and co.

As the figures materialized later in the day, it became clear that this was a steal. Four years, $38.5 million guaranteed with a vesting option (how he agreed to this I’ll never know) for a fifth year that would bring his total to $50 million.

I have to say, if this is what the Brewers negotiated for, I can’t imagine what they offered Week to begin with. I was saying that they should match Uggla’s contract of 5/$62 mil and be done with it, and they ended up well short of that. Heck, Brian Roberts signed a 4 year $40 million contract when he was 32! The Brewers are getting a 27 year-old Weeks on an extremely team-friendly contract. There’s a very good chance he outperforms his contract, possibly by a wide margin.

I have never been this excited entering a season. The Brewers are set to win this year, and they now look good for the future as well.

We want to show the fans in Milwaukee that we want to win as much as they want us to win. We are going to work hard all season. I want to win now.

-Rickie Weeks

And for good measure…

Nothing against Toronto, but this is the first time I’ve gone through an off-season thinking I’m going to be pitching deep into October and not ending my season on Oct. 2.

-Shaun Marcum


One more little diddy. Ken comically asked me to do a mailbag post, but since it would consist of his question and his question only, I’ll just give my opinion here. The question was: Why don’t the Brewers make a run at Michael Young to replace Yuniesky Betancourt at shortstop?

1. His contract. The Brewers are pretty much maxed out, and Young has 3 years and $48 million left on his contract. I’m sure Texas would kick in a good amount, especially if the Brewers sent something of value in return (though really, what’s left to trade?), but it probably wouldn’t be enough to get them within their budget.

2. His defense. I checked his contract at rotoworld, and they list his position as DH. There’s a reason for this. Fangraphs had him as a terrible defensive shortstop, and he hasn’t played there in two years. He was even awful at third base. It saps a huge portion of his overall value.

I know Betancourt at short looks ugly, trust me. But Michael Young really is just washed up. Fangraphs actually suggests trading him for Carlos Lee’s carcus and massive contract. When someone wants to trade you for Carlos Lee, you know you’ve seen better days.